How it Works

Information on how to improve your medical marijuana recommendation interview skills be found for free on the Internet or in books at the library: what we will do is giving you the tools needed to actively implement this kind of information and knowledge into your behaviour and speach. Improving such job interview skills such as confidence, building rapport and eloquently explaining your skills may require a lot of practice. At this site you can practise actively with online mock interiviews on ‘The Playground’ using most common interview questions selected by you plus questions of your own design. Your performance is rated after every interview. You may schedule as many mock interviews on ‘The Playground’ as you want for the monthly membership fee. Replica Watches

Additionally you will have the possibility to book expert job interview coaching at discount price (10% or more) on the career sites which are cooperating with MeYouInterview. Replica Watches

As a member to this site you will have access to: Replica Watches

  • The Playground: Private page with evaluation scores and job interview scheduling functionality with interview question and evaluation forms
  • Discounts (10% or more) for job interview preparation at professional career coaching sites Replica Watches
  • Job interview material such as common interview questions and effective answers replica omega 50 off
  • A members posting forum with information and tips and tricks

The Playground process

  1. Study the available material, take part in posting forum
  2. Schedule a mock interview on The Playground as interview subject, select and add your own questions
  3. Be interviewed online
  4. Evaluate the interviewer
  5. Schedule a mock interview on The Playground as interviewer, receive questions
  6. Conduct the interview online
  7. Evaluate the interview subject
  8. Continue practicing by repeating the process
  9. When you want, schedule a job interview preparation session at professional career site you get a discounted price (10% or more)

You may repeat the interviewing on The Playground as many times you want (and as allowed by available scheduling slots) during your membership time.

Adjusting behavior and emotions, improving confidence and learning to be more persuasive and fluent with interview questions may require a lot of active practicing – therefore the possibility to schedule many mock interviews during the membership time on The Playground is a powerful tool. The process of interacting with another person during a mock interview is much more effective than passive reading or watching YouTube material – and it is likely to be more fun and interesting due to the interpersonal experience. When practicing by mock interviews, some framework is important for best effect: the interviewer should be a randomly selected member for each interview, an evaluation should be done after the interview and the scheduling functionality should work in a convenient and reliable way.

A further very helpful feature of the site is the possibility to study and experience – in this case actually conduct the mock interviews – how other interview candidates behave during interviews and how they answer questions. In this way you get live situation tips from others on how good and bad answers come about. You will also know how you compare with other job interview candidates.

The members who have reached the Master Level (top score evaluations) will stand out during a real interview compared with other candidates.

The possibility to offer many mock interviews on The Playground for the incomparably low price of $9 per month cannot be done by having professional HR staff hired for the site, but instead functions by a sharing service where the members have to help each other with the mock interviews.  The site’s credit system on The Playground assures that for every taken interview, one interview has to be given. Charging a membership fee for the site is for maintaining the site but also to prevent passive, uncommitted members of joining the site.
By combining the possibility to train their skills on The Playground and scheduling a discounted (10% or more) professional coaching by the cooperation sites, a guaranteed positive effect on the member’s job interview skills is bound to happen essay help for you.


Figure 1 Scheduling functionality for mock interviews – The Playground

Further you will have access to a discussion forum, a database with interview questions and tips on their answers which is also used for selecting questions for the mock interviews, information updates on the topics of how to influence people, rhetoric, body language etc.


Figure 2 User page at The Playground