The site operates in English language. The scheduling functionality supports all global time zones such as the US time zones as well as Australia, European etc.

Interview skills means how to express oneself well when explaining one’s previous experiences and job skills, to radiate confidence, giving answers with positive spin, not feeling nervous, giving a pleasant but competent impression, feeling in control of the situation and being able to describe your skills and person in the most favourable way and thus convincing the interviewer that you would be the best fit for the job.

Yes, it would work just fine. The site is intended for all English speakers (not just native speakers), for example expats could also use it. Non-native English speakers might even have more need of this kind of training solely from a language perspective. The scheduling functionality conveniently supports people living in different time zones like Europe, US and Australia/New Zeeland.

The site is intended for jobseekers who are concerned about their career and are prepared to make efforts to get the job they want: for example, jobseekers in mid-career but it could also be newly graduates who have little work experience and therefore need to rely more on giving a positive impression. It could also be jobseekers who need to fine polish their interview skills when applying for positions with high competition at desirable companies or highly desirable internship. The site has members in different working areas such as engineering, finance, health sector etc.

The site does not share any membership information to other parties. Only taken usernames and Skype-names are displayed on the site.

Running a site which provide a valuable service will cost time and money, expenses which for this site will be covered by the issuing a membership fee. Additional function of the membership fee is to act as a bulwark against passive members lacking the needed commitment for the method.

Having an Internet site for selling services or products require a substantial marketing budget. For each sold career coach service the marketing cost is easily more than 10% of the offered service price. At MeYouInterview, the cooperating career sites are promoted by the site without charge but on the condition to offer the members discounted prices of 10% or more.

The prices can be kept low since the cost of running the site is low. At The Playground we offer mock interview training but do not employ expert HR staff for doing the interviewing, but instead rely on our members to be competent enough to figure out the mistakes they do and what they should do instead. We believe that this process also gives the best learning experience.

The active training by doing mock interviewing is very effective – it is also much more fun than only spending time reading available job coaching literature. Using a service by professional HR coaching is quite expensive, as much as $150 per hour, gives great information but does not give the opportunity to really train repeatedly and internalize the new knowledge. (Having mock interviews conducted by your spouse or friend typically will work poorly since they may not have the patience to repeat the interview many times and the situation will tend to feel too unnatural.)

The Playground – the possibility to easily schedule as many mock interviews you want for a fixed monthly membership fee. Further, the possibility to conduct mock interviews of other jobseekers is not offered elsewhere.

Based on the evaluation scores from the online mock interviews your job interview skill level is estimated. It is expected that the candidates will improve their job interview skills by the training which should be visible in improved evaluation scores which ultimately can result in the top score Master Level. At Master Level, you will perform better at a job interview and have higher chance to get a job as well as negotiate higher starting salary.

The Playground is where the members can schedule online mock interviews with other site members. A member needs to both take and conduct mock interviews. Questions are selected for the interview, after the interview both parts evaluate each other by using an evaluation form.

The services consist of three parts; The Playground for scheduling mock interview trainings, the discounted (10% or more) offer of expert career and job interview information material + discussion forum.

If you want to really prepare how you answer common interview questions in a way that appears convincing during an interview, a good way to do this is by repeated practising with mock interviews and performance evaluations. Indeed, as a quite natural psychological mechanism, the very act of explaining your professional skills and experiences to unknown persons will make you feel more secure and confident in these skills and experiences. This will increase your chances of being the winning candidate in a job interview process and also to improve your standpoint in start salary negotiation.
In general to consider is how much is at stake during a job interview – the job will determine how much you will earn, your future career path, your colleagues and work environment as well as where you will live. A lot of time and effort is spent on finding a suitable job, writing applications and finally being invited to an interview – indeed the process may of getting a new job often takes an entire year for a skilled academic. Needless to say, it is hence wise to prepare as much as possible once an interview is offered.
At an interview, all the invited candidates typically all have a good fit for the job with respect to skills and experiences. What the hiring manager wants is for one of the candidates to succeed in convincing them that they are the right candidate. In order to be successful in this situation, having obtained a Master Level on MeYouInterview site will be very helpful.