So you made it to a job interview – Great! This means your skills and experiences matches the job requirements. To land the job you now need to perform as well as possible at the interview!

What we offer

As a member at the MeYouInterview you will:

Access to Materials

Have access to The Playground – a new, most effective way of preparing for job interviews by using personalized online job interview training to an unbeatable low price


Have discount price (10% or more) on job interview preparation sessions by a selection of the Internets best career coaches.


Have access to all the training material regarding job interview you need for preparing for a job interview – such as typical job interview questions and answers, discussion forum for members with expert comments.

How this will help you:

Having prepared for your job interview by using MeYouInterview you will:

  • Feel more confident in an interview situation and be prepared for most common job interview questions, have overcome job interview anxiety, nervousness and other stress emotions
  • Learn how you compare with other interview candidates and get ratings of your job interview performance
  • Become more confident and aware of your job skills and able to define them more precisely
  • Express yourself more convincingly and assertive in a job interview situation
  • …and all this while having had some fun and new, interesting experiences together with the other engaged and competent site members!

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